Project management: 

  • focus on people – bringing people together to deliver, dovetailing individual efforts to make projects a team effort

  • project co-ordination and control techniques, without jargon

  • project plans that are user friendly and that all project people can interact with

  • clearly written & intelligible documents (Project Initiation Documents, Issue & Risk logs etc.)

Project visual aids:

groups ready overview (V1.6).png


  • adapting to the needs of the people involved: face-to-face interactions, workshops, virtual meetings, email, social media...

  • engaging and well-designed newsletters or updates for your stakeholders.

Business process re-design:

  • user friendly flowcharts and maps to enable clients and teams to know what they are delivering

  • a range of different business & community development processes adapted for different audiences.

Research and evaluation:

  • Action research where participants are involved in making change happen on the back of research

  • Rapid Appraisal (RAP) methods

  • Qualitative methods, like case studies, interviews, focus groups.

    Examples of any of these methods & techniques from past projects are available on request.